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Layered picture boxes?

I'm trying to layer picture boxes. Specifically, I've got a slide bar and an indicator. I'm trying to get the indocator to overlay the slide bar so I can move it, via code, left and right, depending on what the user has clicked.

For whatever reason, the bar is appearing OVER the marker and I can't make it reverse (so the smaller marker is floating over the bar. Is this possible?

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Welcome! Sorry, I disappeared for a while. What did you end up figuring out?
I set the bar image into the panel itself. The slider part is still a PictureBox which I end up moving based on the user's selections. Dunno if that's the "best" way (I'd still like to know if a layering can be done) but it works so... ;)

Now I'm trying to figure out how to zoom an image. I'm thinking the issue I have is that my image is at 100% size in normal view rather than a portion of its size. If I remake the image to about 10 times its existing size and use SizeMode.Autosize or .Zoom I think it'll work.

I have not done a lot with images in .net.

I found this C# code that looks very interesting though.